Unique restoration tool. All you need is a browser:


The Vintage Cloud/Recuro Media easy-to-use, yet fully customizable restoration tool is revolutionary to the industry. Clients will be able to choose a tier of services and upload files to the cloud-based portal. Options will be based on an original captured media, and different levels of service like color grading, scratch and dust removal, image stabilization etc. capitalizing on a robust filter toolbox all incorporating AI*-enhanced algorithms, can be applied. Results are impressive and provided more quickly and at a fraction of the price compared to what is traditionally expected. This opens up for mass restoration of vintage footage like never before.

Restoration that will re-new your view on vintage footage – to sum up:

No expensive set-up – just a browser
No training required – just get going
No more waiting – see results instantly
No more hazzle – it’s so easy
No more disappointments – what you see is what you get
No more rip-off – just pure amazement
No restrictions – 2K or 4K, just give it a “go”!

You simply no longer have to be an expert to reap the benefits of advanced restoration tools – the expertise knowledge is programmed into the features. The no-nonsense user interface guides you to the best results for your various media types. And you do not need a monster computer to run the algorithms – all is cloud-based and fully scalable** to suit massive uploads. You can even manage the restoration tools via a tablet or mobile phone. You will be amazed to see your footage be broadcast ready in a matter of minutes.

*AI –
AI – Artificial Intelligence. Repetitious but difficult tasks traditionally handled manually by trained people can now be taught to machines (machine learning) and solved computational. The restoration tools utilize these latest technologies and thus the effect of the tools is constantly improved as they become more skilled. AI is the future.

**Scalability –
Scalability – Film restoration requires intense CPU or GPU processing power and hence hefty computers. The Vintage Cloud/Recuro Media Restoration Service is cloud-based and by being hosted by some of the world’s major cloud suppliers the service is automatically scalable to whatever needs might be.

The feature list is long and new features are constantly being added to the portfolio:

Dust & Noise
Dust & Scratches eliminates dust, stray hairs, stains, marks and smaller scratches from each frame by use af AI* frame contents comparison making the film look clean and fresh. 99% of all dirt marks and scratches will be eliminated without affecting sharpness. This filter also repairs damaged frames
Noise reduces noise and light flickering between frames and creates a smooth frame-by-frame appearance.
Keep Grain maintains film grains and thus the classic look that characterises analog film material.

Color & Contrast:
Color Balance seek to normalise the film’s white-balance vastly reducing the tinting/discolouration typical for aged films.
Color Saturation compensates for the color bleaching by adaptively restoring the faded colors in scenes that have low color saturation.
Contrast Expansion restores middle and overall contrasts to increase details and perceived sharpness in the faded material bringing depth to the film again.

Motion & Stability
Image Stabilization eliminates the annoying visual jitter introduced by the mechanical movement of film by sprocket holes in the original camera. It produces a very pleasent and smooth visual experience.
Reduce Flicker is a highly effective filter to compensate for bigger jumps in light between frames – most often to be used with old b&w films recorded with cameras with uneven manual cranking (silent movies).
Content Stabilization is an advanced AI-filter reducing shakiness of hand-held cameras and movements during steady scenes whereas scenes with panning and zooming or fast-moving objects are not adversely affected.

Miscellaneous Filters
Vertical Scratches handles the long and very annoying pin-stripe scratches very often found in decayed/worn films.
Super Resolution is an algorithm using Super Resolution Imaging Technologies (SRI) to intelligently upscale native SD contents to full HD or HD to 4K.
Bad Scene Changes is able to identify unwanted scene artefacts by re-creating up to two bad frames caused by a bad splice or if light changes in the cut between scenes making unintended abrupt scene shifts smooth and pleasant to watch.

Advanced Filters
• Natural Speed is an advanced content sensitive algorithm inserting new morphed, intermediate images in silent movies shot at 16-18 fps (frames per second) resulting in a restored film with 25 fps. The result is a film with smooth, natural motion as all “Charlie Chaplin effect” or jagged simple copy-frame-inserting is eliminated.
• Adaptive Sharpening is a very effective content sensitive AI-sharpening feature that works best with films of decent to good quality. It applies sharpness to the whole film. Not to be used with very decayed film with many artefacts as these also will be sharpened.


Audio Filters
• Normalize Volume is a non-linear adaptive sound equalising feature amplifying sound across the entire movie scene by scene to broadcast standards.
• Reduce Noise is reducing audible and noisy clicks and cracks and background hiss without affecting clarity or introducing pumping effects.
• Increase Clarity is a feature increasing spectral audio contrasts making sound and especially speech less muffled and easier to discriminate.

Getting into action:
When you have set the various filters and output formats, you can render a test comparison – either one single frame shown by side-by-side for a “before and after” comparison or a 10 sec. video. When you have reached your final settings of the various filters, you can save these as one of your preferred presets and start restoring.You can now leave the web-application and you will either receive an e-mail when the re-store-job is ready for download or you will have your film uploaded to you specified SFTP server.

In a matter of a few hours your entire movie is restored.

We are proud to be a partner with Recuro Media
– experts in advanced film restoration automation.

Restoration has never been easier. Enjoy.

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Skepticism is a good thing. The will to explore new paths is even better. That’s why you consider implementing thes restoration tool in your workflow. And when results surprise in a convincing way, it is so rewarding. We believe you will be amazed.

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