Information Videos coming later in 2022:

If you want to see how the restoration tool works live, then please watch our 4-minute video that takes you through a restoration process from start to finish. You might also want to check out the 1-minute executive overview to get an idea of what the tool can do for you.

Take a closer look on how our unparalleled restoration tool works in details.

Check out the 1-minute executive overview to get an idea of what the tool can do for you.

Superb at handling warped, brittle and shrunken films:

The Vintage Cloud scanners are probably the best in the industry to handle brittle and warped films as our transportation deck is horizontal. We have high tolerance for severely damaged materials as our “zero-perf.” construction allows for missing perforations of up to a length of 30 frames. Also thick splices is not posing a problem for our scanners. Please see the video below of how a very warped film with a lot of missing perforations is handled with no interruption to the scanning process and no movement of the digitized picture.

So with a Vintage Cloud Digitizer you can digitize your entire archive in real time with no exceptions.

Vintage Cloud Cases:

ITV (TV Network), UK.
ITV is a British free-to-air TV network.
“We have two Vintage Cloud Digitizers at ITV Content Delivery, which cater to both our 16mm and 35mm requirements. We chose Vintage Cloud over other scanners on the market due to their ability to transfer from a large variety of sound sources without the need for additional passes or equipment. This vastly increases the speed at which we turn work around for our customers. We’ve been very happy with the results so far, and as well as being great people to work with, Vintage Cloud have offered fantastic after sales service.”
James Macmillan, Head of Operations.

Huntley Archives, UK.
One of the largest film archives in Europe.
“We are a team of dedicated film archivists here at Huntley Archives striving to produce the best archive content for any project wanting to use our unique and rare footage that covers the entire 20th century on a global scale. As we already were familiar with Steenbeck film tables, choosing a Vintage Cloud Digitizer that builds on the same transportation principle was obvious as we needed a reliable workhorse capable of pulling every detail out of our precious celluloid film materials. And this Digitizer can even handle sound and picture simultaneously – a fantastic time saver.”
Amanda Huntley, Managing Director.

Variety Communications, Italy.
Large film distributor based in Rome.
“We have chosen Vintage Cloud Digitizers as they are the only machines that are capable of digitizing sound and picture simultaneously in real time and performing full restoration to satisfy our demands. We have our first 35mm digitizer up and running at full speed and fulfilling our requirements of being able to digitize and restore one movie per day. On top of that, the restoration quality is simply amazing. We are looking so much forward to seeing all our vintage film coming to life again.”
Maria Rita Tuccio, Managing Director.

Sweden’s Army, Navy and Air Force.
Have more than 30,000 16mm film boxes.
“We would like to thank you for all the help we have received the last year. Our impression of you as a company, and committed individuals, has only grown over time. Even though we must have been a quite difficult customer at times, you have always responded with quick actions and worked long and hard to find the problem and made adjustments so the machines are better than ever. We are very grateful and have nothing but praise to give to you all, and we often make sure that others in the industry know exactly that.”
Bodil Gyllensvärd, Archive Manager

Smart Indexing ready in 2021:

Analyze – Recognize – Find . . . with Artificial Intelligence. Detects faces, concepts, written and spoken word.
Smart Indexing uses AI and machine learning to dramatically increase the speed and precision with which metadata can be included within the asset – giving it substantially more value. Using a film keyframes, Smart Indexing is capable of delivering a tagging result in seconds. AI allows Smart Indexing to automatically recognize over ten thousand objects, scenes and events with an accuracy that is equal to, or better, than that of a human It recognizes faces (including emotions) and distinguishes “known” faces, or the user can add names to faces and those faces, with their associated data, are added to the Smart Indexing database such that they are automatically recognizable in other assets going forward. Smart Indexing automatically searches for a Wikipedia file related to the film title and links to it. In addition, it includes an advanced speech-to-text capability, providing an immediate transcript of the audio which becomes part of the asset’s new searchable metadata. Smart Indexing is available integrated with the Vintage Cloud Steenbeck digitizer, or as a standalone solution that can import and enhance metadata from archives that have already been digitized. Smart Indexing is now in beta-test with selected customers and is projected for release in 2021.

Key Features:
Integrated with Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer

• Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning
• Index concepts, face, written text and spoken text
• Index in real time when film is digitized on a Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer
• Index imported files from archives in real time
• Deliver overview of recognized concepts in each film
• Free text search
• Show thumbnails for matching results in each film
• Direct link to clip for each thumbnail with matching result
• Show position in film of matching results

Link to recent Computerworld article on Smart Indexing:

The Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Smart Indexing feature is uniquely able to recognize concepts, faces, landmarks and written text in nearly realtime and create searchable metadata for the elements in the digitized film.
So with Smart Indexing you can tag your entire archive and make scenes and other relevant information searchable making retrieval of specific topics fast and easy.
See an example below: