Let’s talk:

We are all dedicated film enthusiasts – and we love to talk about films and preservation of our important analog heritage on films.If you have a project and want to talk on how to commence and choose the right approach, then contact us with no obligations attached.
Let us see if we by our combined efforts can get your project rolling.

Call us:  +45 2230 1140

Mail us:  info@vintagecloud.com

Test the digitizer on your own materials:

We do get many requests to try out our Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer on client’s own film materials. It is definitely the best test to digitize materials you know and be able to compare results. We are more than willing to assist
– and we have never lost in such a direct comparison.

We have outlined a suggested procedure that has proven to provide the best results for mutual benefit:

  • You select a specific film roll that is truly representative of the collection to be digitized and please choose a film, that has already been digitized on competing equipment, so the result can be a 1:1 comparison.

  • The selected film is sent to Vintage Cloud in Copenhagen who digitizes and restores the film free-of-charge within a week from receipt. The results will be presented on-line.

  • If you allow Vintage Cloud access to the competing digitized clip, Vintage Cloud will produce a split-screen comparison, so you can see the difference between the two digitized files immediately and in details frame by frame.

  • If you want to make further investigations into Vintage Cloud Digitizers, we suggest a 2-day Factory Visit to Copenhagen where you will get background and hands-on the machines while digitizing one of your own films. The Vintage Cloud Restoration Suite of tools will also be introduced and demonstrated on your digitized material.

  • If results are satisfactory a “Letter of Intent” is drafted and signed, and a Vintage Cloud Digitizer might upon request be installed at your location for a 14-day test-period. Also, a test-account for trying out the Restoration Suite can be established.

  • Upon completion of the agreed test-period we might go a step further and a sale, rent or lease agreement will
    be drafted.