Meet our group:

Vintage Cloud is a world leader in the technologies required to ensure fast and safe digitization and restoration of valuable film archives. Our goal is to help our customers quickly and easily monetize their assets by making them more accessible with tools that are cost-effective, innovative and intuitive and designed for the delicate task.

Vintage Cloud was founded in 2012, and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The Steenbeck company in Venray, Holland is a part of Vintage Cloud company.

Vintage Cloud A/S is fully owned (94%) by the well-consolidated Danish investment company I.B-L Group.

All employees in the Vintage Cloud group of companies have long-lasting relations to either the film industry or preservations of historical archives.

Jens Frederik Olsen
CMO and Administration,
Fills the gaps as structuring
anchor making sure ends meet.
From archive digitizing world.

Niels Bokkenheuser
Co-founder and owner, COO,
Genius and tech-savvy. Vast
knowledge from heading huge
film company.

Peter Englesson
Co-founder and owner, CEO,
Visionary and smart. Have tried nearly all within the film indus-

René Christensen
Lead Technician and Support
Meticulously and brainy en-
gineering nerd. Can-do-all certified.

Our colleagues in Holland at Steenbeck

Bart Buiting
CEO, Steenbeck

Angelique Lemmens

Frank Kleuskens
Lead Technician

Frank van Otterdijk
Lead Technician

Our colleagues in the rest of the world

New York:
Kenneth Madsen
Rick Mckinney

Petri Siitonen

Siew Moi
Kt Lim

Lorna Garrett
Malcolm Harland

World map with blue dots on the Vintage Cloud locations and orange dots with Piql

We are also proud to be a plug-in partner with Piql and all Piql Partners worldwide – long time storage solution experts.