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Mass digitization at full quality and in real time is now a reality
The Vintage Cloud Steenbeck solution is the best digitizing system on the market to capture sound and picture simultaneously, just as it was recorded originally. In this section you can discover the advantages and dive into the specifications of the Vintage Cloud all-in-one digitizer. We provide full support and training. You can rent, lease or buy the digitizer even with a limited budget. You can also see our price schemes in this section – or you can contact us, to get a good estimate of what it might take to digitize your collection of films.

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Restoration and enhancement bring film to life
You can bring the decayed but now digitized film back to a level comparable to the original viewing experience with our cloud-based AI* restoration technology powered by Recuro Media. These enhancements are non-destructive to the original capture and will be applied to a full resolution restoration clone. The array of enhancement state-of-the-art filters that you configure on-line handles seamlessly contents up to 4K.
We offer very attractive and transparent price and pre-paid packages.

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We are ready to provide you with the best service
Over the past few years we have managed to gather a group of dedicated enthusiasts, if not with a direct background from the film industry, then specialists with a profound love to the motion picture. You can here get to know the staff in Copenhagen or Amsterdam.

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Dive into the background and references of Vintage Cloud Digitizers 
You can in the lounge area familiarize yourself with our case-stories and other materials regarding film scanning in general. We also provide links to our partners in for instance long-time storage solutions. You may also find user guidelines and manuals for our scanners and how to navigate in the restoration tool’s various features.

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Let us get to know each other better
We want to know our customers and we want them to know us, so we can have ambitions and expectations to meet. You can in the lounge area familiarize yourself with case-stories and other materials regarding film scanning in general. We also provide links to our partners in for instance long-time storage solutions.
You can also book a video conference with us to discuss your project in more details – or you can come and visit our digitizing facilities in Copenhagen, Denmark and see how much your materials can be improved. You will be amazed.

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