Smart Indexing

Smart Indexing

Transform film archive asset monetization with Artificial Intelligence

Detects faces, concepts, written and spoken word
Smart Indexing uses AI and machine learning to dramatically increase the speed and precision with which metadata can be included within the asset – giving it substantially more value.

Using a keyframe every three seconds, Smart Indexing is capable of delivering a tagging result in a fraction of a second. AI allows Smart Indexing to automatically recognize over 11,000 objects, scenes and events with an accuracy that is equal to, or better, than that of a human.

More than that: it can even recognize faces (including emotions portrayed by those faces). Smart Indexing can distinguish “known” faces, or the user can add names to faces and those faces, with their associated data, are added to the Smart Indexing database such that they are automatically recognizable in other assets.

It also automatically searches for a Wikipedia file related to the film title and links to it. In addition, it includes an advanced speech-to-text capability, providing an immediate transcript of the audio which becomes part of the asset’s new searchable metadata.

Smart Indexing is available integrated with the Vintage Cloud Steenbeck digitizer, or as a standalone solution that can import and enhance metadata from archives that have already been digitized.

Key Features:

Integrated with Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer

  • Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Index concepts, face, written text and spoken text
  • Index in real time when film is digitized on a Vintage Cloud Steenbeck Digitizer
  • Index imported files from archives in real time
  • Deliver overview of recognized concepts in each film
  • Free text search
  • Show thumbnails for matching results in each film
  • Direct link to clip for each thumbnail with matching result
  • Show position in film of matching results
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