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Peter Englesson, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Peter graduated from the Swedish National Film School in 1978. He holds a long-standing career in the film world, working as a Film and Sound Editor in several European countries. In the 1990’s he introduced Digital Editing Workflows in Scandinavia and worked as a Post-Production Consultant on major international feature films such as the Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1997).

After a period of producing digital cameras in the US, Peter returned to Europe in 2002 and became involved in several film archive projects before founding Vintage Cloud in 2011.

Peter is also a visionary and strategic team-orientated leader with over 20 years’ experience in corporate management, strategy, sales, business development and operations for technology-led companies. ​

Contact Peter:
Mobile: +45 2230 1140
e-mail: pe@vintagecloud.com

Niels Bokkenheuser, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Niels made his entrance into the film industry in 1972 as a sound engineer. Until 1984 he worked on more than 35 feature films, as well as numerous short film. He pioneered the introduction of stereo sound in Danish film.
Niels taught at the National Film School of Denmark from 1984 to 1986, and in 1985 he established Easy Film A/S.

After 23 years as CEO, he sold Easy Film A/S to the Dutch television group Eyeworks. At that time, Easy Film was amongst the three largest production companies in Denmark, with approximately 100 employees and a large production of television programs.

Niels became COO and founding partner of Vintage Cloud in 2011.
​Contact Niels:
Mobile: +45 2125 4115
e-mail: nb@vintagecloud.com

René Christensen, Film Technician

René has a deep love for films and for 36 years has worked part time as Head Projectionist to a cinema in Copenhagen. Following 32 years of loyal service with the University of Copenhagen, René decided to pursue a new venture in March 2017: joining a new, vibrant, and dynamic company called Vintage Cloud.

His long-standing career with the University of Copenhagen began in 1985 as Media Producer, at the Faculty of Humanities AV/ITV Department. He was responsible for developing inhouse media production, implementing and overseeing a degree course for Media and TV-Production. René’s work centred on Television and Radio production, which also included ensuring that advancements in the field of radio and television were introduced into the curriculum of the course.

René has worked through from black and white television to 4K and high end live streaming. He not only developed the course, but also lectured the students in television production and worked as a live producer.
While at the University of Copenhagen, he was instrumental in implementing the fibre media infrastructure and production workflow for the KUA2 – Soendre Campus. It is regarded today as having one of the most modern media infrastructures of all universities in Europe.

René is a qualified Electronics Engineer to degree level DISA A/S (Medicine) 1981. His work in electronics has covered many varied and diverse projects such as photo copiers, point of sale terminal systems and alcohol delivery systems.
Contact René:
e-mail: rc@vintagecloud.com

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