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Our Services

Vintage Cloud Archive Service

As well as selling and leasing film digitizers and automatic content indexing using AI, Vintage Cloud also provides a full service package to archive organizations with little or no film experience.

Recognizing that many content owners do not have qualified personnel or internal experts in film handling, Vintage Cloud can also provide all the expertise needed for any size of archive to help you derive the maximum value from your film content.
Your precious assets will be safe in our hands: Vintage Cloud was created by film people for film people, and we share a background in film editing, cinematography, sound engineering and film production.

Vintage Cloud understands film.

Unlocking the value in precious film assets

Converting old analog film assets to digital files in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Vintage Cloud now offers a full digitization service to film archives around the world. Analog Steenbeck hardware has a 60 year + reputation in film     handling and is now part of Vintage Cloud. Today, Vintage Cloud Steenbeck represents the state of the art in digitizing film archives.  A combination of Vintage Cloud’s software and AI-based Smart Indexing automatically Identifies, indexes and tags content elements, enabling fast, easy searching – increasing the monetization potential of your assets while saving you time.

By the way: if your content is already digitized, you can still benefit from using Smart Indexing.

Vintage Cloud can take care of your entire project, delivering you maximum results for minimum cost. Because we’ve used our considerable experience and expertise in making the investment in creating the optimum tools for the job, you don’t have to. There’s a lot to think about in undertaking a project    to transfer analog files to digital – but we can save you having to do that.

Improved user experience 

Digitizing film is fun. Filling in the metadata? Not so much. And: it’s expensive too. Using Smart Indexing’s automatic tagging not only helps categorize and curate content, it also delivers a great user experience. You want to earn money from your film assets as quickly, easily and seamlessly as possible – and the keyframes generated in Smart Indexing are an easy and quick way for you to make sure your film assets are found by the right buyers. And: not only do those tags help connect you with buyers – they also enable you to search through your own archives and organize your libraries.

Vintage Cloud: bringing new life to old archives.

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