Vintage Cloud to Present at Footage Business Forum, Footage Marketplace

Will Show how Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Film Archive Asset Monetization

COPENHAGEN, Denmark _ 2 May, 2017

At the Footage Business Forum (Browns Restaurant, London – May 22) Peter Englesson, CEO of Vintage Cloud, will deliver a presentation – “Repairing the Damage of Yesteryear” – on the latest advances in digitizing film archives, and how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming what is possible in terms of making archive assets more usable and more accessible.

Vintage Cloud recently acquired long-established film editing table manufacturer Steenbeck, and now offers the world’s fastest film archive digitization system. The Vintage Cloud Steenbeck uniquely offers the ability to digitize separate image and audio at the same time at up to 4K resolution and up to 60 fps. The all-in-one system has now been enhanced by the introduction of Smart Indexing, which uses AI and machine learning to dramatically increase the speed and precision with which metadata can be included within the asset – giving it substantially more value.

Two days after attending the Footage Business Forum, Vintage Cloud will have a booth at the Footage Marketplace (BAFTA HQ, London – May 24). There, the company will provide demonstrations of how AI enables the leading edge functionality of Smart Indexing.

Both events provide an opportunity for suppliers and buyers of stock footage libraries to meet, and to discover the latest developments in the provision of archive film material.

“AI allows Smart Indexing to instantly recognize over 11,000 objects, scenes and events with an accuracy that is equal to, or better, than that of a human,” said Englesson. “It can even distinguish faces. The metadata Smart Indexing identifies is automatically added to the asset, and users can then easily and quickly find the desired clip with a simple free text search on our search engine.”

Englesson is a media industry veteran who has been involved in the production of film and audio in Europe and the USA for close to 40 years. He founded Vintage Cloud in 2012.

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