Vintage Cloud Brings New Levels of Intelligence to Film Archive Digitization at NAB 2017

Vintage Cloud Brings New Levels of Intelligence to Film Archive Digitization at NAB 2017

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Smart Indexing Makes Substantial Contribution to Asset Monetization

 COPENHAGEN, Denmark _ 27 March, 2017

Having recently acquired renowned film editing table manufacturer Steenbeck and created the world’s fastest film archive digitization system, Vintage Cloud has now made it the most intelligent – and is showcasing the new capability for the first time at NAB. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning, Smart Indexing brings unprecedented power, speed and accessibility to metadata – transforming the value of the asset.

“Simply digitizing an archive is no longer enough if its true value is to be realized,” said Peter Englesson, CEO of Vintage Cloud. “For an asset to achieve its real worth, not only must it be easy to find – it must also include links to the digital world that heightens its visibility and availability online. Smart Indexing represents an entirely new way of enriching old film archives, making them faster and easier to search – and increasing the opportunity for monetization.”

 Smart Indexing is available integrated within the Vintage Cloud Steenbeck digitizer, or as a standalone solution that can import and enhance metadata from archives that have already been digitized.

 Using a keyframe every three seconds, Smart Indexing is capable of delivering a tagging result in a fraction of a second. AI allows Smart Indexing to automatically recognize over 11,000 objects, scenes and events with an accuracy that is equal to, or better, than that of a human.

More than that: it can even recognize faces (including the emotions portrayed by those faces). Smart Indexing can distinguish ‘known’ faces, or the user can add names to faces and those faces, with their associated data, are added to the Smart Indexing database such that they are automatically recognizable in other assets.

“Smart indexing makes it possible to find your clip using simple free text search on our search engine,” continued Englesson. “It’s as easy as that. You just search what you’re looking for – and we find the clip for you.”

 The Smart Indexing process also automatically searches for a Wikipedia file related to the film title and links to it. In addition, it includes an advanced speech-to-text capability, providing an immediate transcript of the audio which becomes part of the asset’s new searchable metadata.

 The Vintage Cloud Steenbeck is on show at NAB. The first true all-in-one digitizer to become available, it now includes new features designed to further improve its already market-leading speed, functionality and reliability. Among these is the ability to analyse the picture quality of a scanned film master or proxy to check for out of focus, dust/dirt level and film grain noise level.

 Vintage Cloud Steenbeck is the only system capable of digitizing separate image and audio at the same time at up to 4K resolution and up to 60 fps. It is therefore 3-5 times less costly per digitized hour than other systems while delivering unprecedented image quality. Recognizing the nature of much archive material, Vintage Cloud Steenbeck is highly tolerant of broken perforations, fragile splices, warped and brittle film, and is also capable of handling shrunken film via a special capstan sprocket.

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